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Thread: remanufactured engines

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    Angry remanufactured engines

    OK so I would like to know what y'all have for thoughts on remaned engines that I can order. I currently have in the "new" unamed boat (251 express) a 307 that is very tired from what I am seeing and hearing. it runs good but you can just tell that after almost 2500 hours it is tired. so I have been looking at some of the different outlets that sell remaned motors and my hopes are to put in a 350 instead of the 307. also would be interested to know if anyone has purchased a reman engine from one of the outlets I see on line like michigan motorz or one of those guys? and what kind of luck you have had with the motor.

    ok go!!!
    1974 251 express catalina

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    I would do a compression check before I deemed any engine tired. Unless you have lots of money to get rid of.
    When it comes time for me to get a new engine, I will just get a Jasper Engine and be done. They've been doing engines since 1942. Just my two cents.
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    thanks for the input. I have looked at jasper and they seem pretty reputable I have one cylinder that is down by about 10 psi from the others. that is a bit worrisome to me as they should be closer than that in my opinion.
    1974 251 express catalina

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    Is who I use and have had zero problems with any of their engines. I can't say that for Jasper.

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    10 psi down isnt much. As long as its not more than 10% from the others. I would just run it.
    1982 Catalina 251 "OLD SCHOOL"

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