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Thread: Oil and Filters

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    Oil and Filters

    Always start off in the spring with fresh oil and filters, but I like to change it mid season again around the first of Aug. My friends tell me I'm nuts and don't need it. I just think it's a cheap form of engine insurance. We use it quite a bit and will be out 5-6 times a week if the weather is nice. That could be 15-20 hrs per week. So far I've used about 1/2qt of oil this season which I don't think is bad.

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    Just for the sake of argument....
    If it was a car,
    15 hrs. @ 60 mph = 900 miles.
    6 weeks would be 5400 miles.
    How many miles between oil changes in your car ????
    I know we don't run 60 mph in a boat but the engine turns about the same ~ rpm...
    1983 280 Catalina

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