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Thread: Tragedy At PIB This Weekend - So Sad

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    Tragedy At PIB This Weekend - So Sad

    19 year old jumped into the water to save his dog at Miller's Marina in Put In Bay Friday and was electrocuted by their own boat. Here is the story from channel 3 news:

    "A 19-year-old died Friday after being shocked by an electrical current in Put-In-Bay on Friday.
    Evan Currie was near his family's boat docked at Miller Marina around 6:30 p.m. when the incident occurred.
    After docking their 33' Sea Ray Sundancer, the Currie family plugged the shore power to their boat.
    The dog fell into the lake and began to struggle, prompting Currie's father, Jeffery to enter the water and save the dog.
    The father also struggled, slipping under the waters surface.
    Jeffery's two sons jumped in, efforting to save their father and the dog.
    Mrs. Currie, remained on the boat as by-standers yelled for her to unplug the shore power.
    Once the cord was unplugged, the current stopped and the family was able to exit the water.
    After all involved re-boarded the boat, Evan was unresponsive and convulsing.
    CPR was preformed and he was transported back to the mainland in Port Clinton.
    According to Eric Heis,Ohio Department of Natural Resources spokesperson, an independent electrician checked the dock prior to the incident and everything was fine.
    ODNR is currently investigating the incident.
    Put-In-Bay Police and Ottawa County Sheriff's Office are assisting. "
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    Stray shore power current is no joke !!

    Wonder why the electrician checked the dock.....
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    Marinas are mostly business' now. All they care about is making money and (at least the one I am at) will go out of their way to avoid spending any money on maintenance or "doing it right".

    Here's an example.. Last year drunk / high dude managed to get into our restrooms. Looses his mind, tears the sink off the wall (in both bathrooms) and tears out one of the toilets. The sub floor in the building was plywood, os you can imagine what happened. So marina brings in two Port-a-Lets and calls it good. 8 months or so went by and the marina always said "we are still fighting with the insurance company". Meanwhile, the people paying for slips / storage get screwed. Finally, one member finally went to the county health department and complained. Well imagine, the county was all over it like white on rice, on a paper plate, in a snowstorm. Came out and told marina management that they were in violation of code and that it needed fixed immediately. 10 days later, we had working bathrooms again. If that's not bad enough, people who have had their boats there for many years have always asked for showers. Would have been the perfect time to add them right? Nope... why would they spend a nickle to upgrade the facility?

    I'm not saying there aren't marina owners out there that take pride in their facility... I've seen them. But in my experience, they are all about the money and not about the boaters - safety or otherwise.



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    I am not sure that I would include Miller Marina in that category. I have stayed there several times and it has always seemed to me to be a first class operation. That said, it has been 5 or 6 years since my last stay there so times may have changed.
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    Ya, Miller's is pretty nice, stayed there many times. They said this morning on the news that they checked all of the power and it all checked out good so now ODNR has the boat and is going to look at that today. Scary to think that something like this could be lurking within our own boats and not know it? Probably a good reminder to those of us that do our own work a lot of times, make sure you have someone double check your work.
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    That's really bad news, feel so bad for the parents. Prayers for all

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    This is why I do not understand tying the DC ground to the AC ground. In my opinion, that is how AC gets in the water. If the neutral leg of the AC is open and an appliance shorts, the path is now to ground. If someone does not get the AC plug plugged in correctly, this can happen. I believe AC and DC are two completely different types of circuits and should be kept completely separate. My AC panel is grounded to the engine and I think that is wrong. My prayers are with this family. This is terrible.
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