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Thread: Had to prime it today

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    Those 280 owners and there having room to do EFI conversions.....

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    No room on a 251 ??
    On my 280 the carb. spark arrester barely cleared the hatch to start. Throttle body and adapter have the same clearance.
    On the manifold you need a block to mount an O2 sensor between 1 manifold and elbow, but still below the level of the spark arrester ...
    I should do a write up. Might take some pics this coming week when we go down to the boat.
    1983 280 Catalina

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    Please do.
    Don, Marilyn, Maria and Bailey
    1979 Chris Craft Catalina 251 Hardtop.
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    The 305 Merc that was in my boat, the forward hatch actually rested on the spark arrester with a 1/4" gap between the hatch and exhaust riser. I got the specs from Bosch or GMB, the O2 sensor maker 02-Sensor.jpg and cut two pieces of wood to simulate it and installed between the manifold and riser, that alone held the hatch up 3/4 inch in the rear so that was that for me.

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    Well I got the carb sat., put it on Sunday Morning . Everything bolted up perfect even the linkage and fuel line. Started right up ,idles perfectly and very responsive as compared to the old one. Today I took it out for a little run and can't believe how responsive and crisp it made the engine. It will rev up like a raped ape and still idle about 600rpm. Who knows if the old one was the original 305 carb or one that came with the 350. I'm very happy with the outcome.

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