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Thread: Log Style to Center Rise Manifold Conversion

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    Not much room in there for sure ! I'd say if the belt is tight it's probably about where it should be...

    Anyway, looking good !!

    Hope to splash mine tomorrow...
    1983 280 Catalina

    "When in danger, or in doubt.
    Run in circles, scream and shout."

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    Robj, looking good! I like the access plate for front engine access. The pleasure craft industry never thinks about a belt change or other machinery access. I want to improve the access to the front of mine, but I don't want to compromise the bulkhead, I'm sure one day I will run across something and go that's it!

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    I think the plate went in for setting timing, then really helped when removing the pulleys and balancer. I was a little worried about the belts and pulleys lining up as I wasn't sure the balancer has seated all the way. I found out the balance should be 1.00 from the crank nose so all is good.

    A few more parts added;


    A shop night tonight to make the bracket for the raw water strainer. Next trip, manifolds.

    ps Switched to new OS for my Mac now my photos seem to post upside down. Grrr...

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    So I was removing the exhaust manifolds from my mockup, and the gaskets stuck and tore, so while looking up stainless gaskets I stumbled across this;

    It appears I did or am doing everything wrong,

    I had;

    1. a nice set of S.S. manifold bolts..."tips" says, don't use stainless, they stretch too much. [Stainless 70,000 T.S. grade 5 120,000 t.s.], but they recommend a torque of 26 Ft.Lbs, dry. I guess but that seems like a pretty low torque setting to be stretching a s.s. bolt. but, off today for grade 5 or 8 bolts.
    They [McMaster-Carr] do have high strength stainless but they are like 8 bucks each. I'll pass on that.

    2.screw in plugs, I used teflon tape and screwed them in pretty good. Tips- No sealant with teflon and adjust "snug" as they can expand and crack the cast housing. So, I will be removing all the plugs and re-installing, more "gently".

    However, I do not see any issue with the teflon tape. Is that an issue?


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    Rob I used regular auto exhaust gaskets. Don't see any reason for SS gaskets. Also just 'regular' bolts to mount them. Came with the manifolds I think.
    I prefer to not mix 2 different metals if possible. Look up SS and crevice corrosion, I think that's what it's called..

    The plugs are 'pipe' thread so they tighten up as you screw them in. I used pipe 'goop' sealant on them.

    Wouldn't the plug and riser-manifold heat up and expand at the same time ?? Sometimes I'm just not to sure about some of the stuff you read about...... Everybody's entitled to their opinion.
    1983 280 Catalina

    "When in danger, or in doubt.
    Run in circles, scream and shout."

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    Some Progress. Manifolds, Alternator. Raw Water Pump and some various bits installed. Next up, bilge pump and exhaust.

    And for all the budding Marine Electricians out there, wire nuts and solid core house wiring is not the way to go... ALL the wires to the battery charger are solid core. One had already fractured at the connector. Nice...

    Main wire from Alternator;

    Not sure I'm looking forward to the wiring portion of this,
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    Seems like whenever I get an old boat I have a 5 gal bucket full of old wires when I'm done from all the aftermarket tinkering by past owners. Some people think because they finished their own basement they can wire a boat lol.
    1982 Catalina 251 "OLD SCHOOL"

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