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Thread: My 1977 Chris Craft Catalina 250

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    ChrisCraft 25 welcome to the forum! We'd love to see some pics and info on the Irish Wake. Great group here, don't be afraid to jump in with questions or pictures of your latest adventure.
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    Hi There Captain,
    Sent some pics. still learning how. Apparently each time i clicked it repeated image. The boats in great shape.
    Replaced with 350 two summers ago. Will re-pitch prop this spring to adjust for added horse power. Will increase cruising speed by 14%.
    Will refurbish rail hardware and cleats this spring. Hope to stop some of the leaking from old hardware.

    one quirk with the ignition - sometimes I need to turn the key on and off several times before it will connect with starter toggle. Has anyone had similar problem?

    For the rail hardware where i can't reach from underneath I plan to re-glass and apply 5200 when i screw into fiberglass from topside. I am always open for suggestions!!

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    I purchased the boat Spring 2001 have maintained and refurbished some each year. It gets a lot of use. It may be in dry dock a little longer this year while I do some refurbishing. I really want to make a stern bench seat according to factory specs. Any pictures and measurements would be very helpful. As well as any info on how it operates.

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    What prop did you go to? What was your old cruise?(mph/rpm), whats the new cruise? I assume the original prop was a 13x10 cupped. Great pics, clean boat, keep em coming.
    1982 Catalina 251 "OLD SCHOOL"

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    It still has original prop. It will be re - pitched. I don't know what the new pitch will be. Once i find out i will gladly share it with you and let you know how it impacts performance.

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    The mechanic working on my boat has been working on these boats since the seventies. We are just trying to keep it in good shape until the fiber glass wears out. He thinks these are great old boats.

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    Great looking boats! Just picked up my 251 this past weekend. Love her already.
    It is my first glass boat. The other two Chris' have been wood (55 & 64 )

    I live out in Algonac, Mi.
    All you CC fans should know all about that!

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