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  1. Had some success with historical info at the The Mariners' Museum and Park today.

    For those the care hit the web site - fill out your boats details and personal
    info and you'll likely get what I have attached here. I'm still in search for the
    designers name and if anyone knows who the designers were during this period
    I'd be very grateful.
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  2. New Catalina 381 owner

    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Taylor View Post
    Greeting and welcome aboard. Have any issues just ask on the forum related to the project. I have an 87 and have made some up grades ranging from the holding tank through the faux fur, flooring and other systems.

    Winterizing is really not a problem. However he first issue is to avoid any product containing "ethanol". If your engines and generator are closed or raw cooling all you have to do is, first drain the water, then start and pump in the pink goop until it flows
  3. Express 310 Searher on the mooring.

    The boats a hit and so good to hang on...even the dogs love it!!!
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  4. "Searcher" in the water after five years.

    Had a little problem starting our engines but called seatow and they towed us from Bristol RI south to Newport on a beautiful day. The boat is really nice and we are so excited spending the day on her.

    I'm going to attempt to post pic's but they post upside down but I think I have figured a way to prevent that. After the motor ride we had few branches and leaves on the flying bridge but so grateful for the Casey haulers doing a great job moving our boat.
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  5. 381 Catalina Shaft Stuffing Box area

    Does anyone know if there are drains from the shaft stuffing box area into the central bilge where the pumps operate. I have had some problems with the packing leaking and I noticed that the water stays in the area around both shafts but does not drain into the center bilge where it will be pumped out. I have checked as far as I can see and reach to see if anything is clogged but cannot find anything.

    Updated 08-12-2015 at 06:05 PM by Denman

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