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  1. 381 catalina window trim inserts

    I don't know if I described this correctly but I need the plastic insert that covers the window trim screws. The trim has a chrome looking coating that after time begins to peel off. The trim also shrinks and separates from the rounded corners of the trim. Does anyone know of a replacement insert available? I live close the Chris craft plant and could not find anything on their web site. Thanks.
  2. 1980 chris-craft catalina 253 I/o parting out boat

    Quote Originally Posted by Mark J Terry Sr View Post
    Jim, Do you have the post and the hinges that go with it? I wish I knew a while ago, my mother was in daytona in mid Feb and drove back, I may know some others making the trek, just not sure when. Let me ask around and I will get back to you. In the mean time maybe something would show up a little closer. What else do you have collecting dust from your rehab job? Anything I may be interested in? The boat is all done in blue but the interior was changed with a light green carpet and window treatment.
  3. support poles

    by , 02-07-2014 at 09:00 PM (Hey everybody looking for a pair of those u shaped seat supports for my 1980 catalina. Also looking for a rear bench seat and supports.thanks blue moon)
    Hey Everyone I am in need of the support poles for the captains chair and passenger. They are those u shaped support poles that have disappeared off my 1980 catalina 281. I am going to get tired standing up all the time. I am also looking for the support poles for the rear bimini. I know I am asking for alot,but I need to keep the sun from baking me. Any help would be greatly appreciated. See ya on the water. Blue Moon
  4. Does anyone know what the red light in the cabin is for Chris Craft Catalina 372

    Hi everyone. I am in the process of restoring my Chris Craft Catalina 372. In the cabin next to the bar on the starboard side on the wall is a small access panel and right above it is a small red indicator light. Does anyone have a clue what it is for?
  5. Companionway door

    Hi,, my Catalina 350 DC was broken into recently, they decided that destroying the original door was the best way in....My question ---- is there a source for original replacement parts such as a door ??????
    Thanks in advance
    Paul D
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